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The Working Principle Of Automatic Combination Weighing
Jul 26, 2018

Automatic combination is called the combination of vertical packaging machine, it is the function of automatic weighing, calculation error, so that the weight and quality of each package less than 5%, will not happen to have a bag more than raw, there is a lighter phenomenon.

The working principle is as follows: For example 10 head said, the same kind of packing material put a little in 10 weigh, about 8 to 15 grams, if I request the packing net weight is 50 grams. Then the automatic combination will choose 5 combinations together to achieve 50 grams of weight, and then put it down together. For example 10+10+8+12+10=50 gram, also can 12+9+15+14=50 gram. Accuracy is very high.