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The Running Efficiency Of Packaging Equipment In China Is Steadily Improving
Jul 26, 2018

First, the equipment Department of the joint volume Packaging workshop to carry out equipment operation efficiency promotion activities, the establishment of equipment efficiency to enhance the work of the account, clear stages of work tasks;

Second, to strengthen the research of abnormal downtime and fault shutdown, through statistical analysis, the cigarette machine abnormal downtime of the most of the broken disk paper, running strips, smoke strips did not enter the phenomenon of special treatment;

The third is to increase the equipment, such as insurance and wheel security, targeted to carry out the cigarette machine Microwave weight controller, the installation of plastic box tape, Packaging machine filter paper suction belt, such as equipment transformation;

Four is through the development of equipment status monitoring research, the establishment of equipment anomaly information management mechanism, the initial formation of equipment predictive maintenance mode, continuous upgrading of equipment predictive maintenance level. The rapid development of science and technology accelerates the development of cigarette packaging machine. The 1960s, the machine, electricity, light, liquid, gas and other integrated technology (including the control system composed of transistors and other components) in the cigarette packaging machinery application, so that the cigarette packaging automation. 

In the the 1970s, the application of microelectronic technology in packaging machine and packaging production line realized the computer control of cigarette packaging automation assembly line. The 1980s, microcomputer, manipulator (person), inverter, photoelectric detector, quality control, building block structure design and other High-tech achievements in the cigarette packaging raw materials (tobacco, wrapping paper and cigarette packs, etc.) for delivery, detection and management applications, so that the speed of cigarette packaging has been greatly improved,

The complete automation of cigarette packaging and the flexible connection of production line are realized.