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Performance And Characteristics Of Small Bag Powder Packing Machine
Jul 26, 2018

1, small powder packaging machine to replace the traditional manual packaging, to achieve enterprise product packaging production automation, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, significantly reduce product costs. 

2, the machine conforms to the food processing machinery sanitary standard.

Machines with materials and bags in contact with the parts are used in line with food hygiene requirements of materials processing, to ensure food hygiene and safety. 

3, the machine uses is the prefabricated good packing bag. 

The finished packing bag has perfect design, good sealing quality and high grade. 

4, the application of a wide range of bags, the machine for multi-layer composite film, Single-layer PE, pp, such as prefabricated bags, paper bags can be applied. 

5. The machine has a wide range of packaging. 

According to the packaging material selection of different filling device, you can realize the solid materials, liquids, sauces, powders, particles and other materials packaging. 

6, the machine in the electrical control system, the use of Advanced Mitsubishi PLC, with color pod (touch screen), user-friendly Man-machine interface, easy to operate. The main motor uses the frequency conversion speed control, in the production can according to the actual need in the color pod to set the frequency randomly in certain range.

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