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Machine Characteristics Of Small Vertical Granule Packing Machine For Food Packaging Machine
Jul 26, 2018

Food packaging Machine Small vertical granular packaging machine features: The use of PLC control system, simple operation. The spiral disk runs smoothly, the noise is low, does not damage the raw material, uses the precise counting control device, the accuracy rate reaches 100%. Each spiral disc is equipped with a full stop, a lack of material alarm or downtime device to ensure that each bag is accurate. 

The equipment has the self-diagnosis function, when has the breakdown to be able to automatically alarm or the shutdown (the alarm or the shutdown user may choose), has the multiple emergency stop button, facilitates the operation. Equipment to achieve automatic arrangement of materials, automatic metering, filling, packaging, conveying, sorting, boxing. 

Product packaging number of random adjustment, the number of bags can be controlled by themselves, automatic display of the number of packaging, can facilitate the statistical work of the machine.The equipment has a reliable safety protection function (all dangerous parts are equipped with safety protection device) This machine has no material, the lack of material automatic detection, lack of material, the equipment will automatically stop alarm, equipment in each feeder can be arbitrary, open or closed, in order to facilitate production needs.

Technical Features:

Bag filled with metering and sealing to complete the whole, simple and easy to operate.

30-80 packets per minute, stable speed.

Effective operating system, low failure rate. Suitable for packaging small bags of granular, flaky, such as biscuits, rice, pet food, peanuts, coffee beans and other products.