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Food Packaging Machine As A Pillar Of The Industry To Highlight The Importance Of Food Packaging
Jul 26, 2018

There are many ways to keep food fresh, food packaging machine is one of the advanced methods, that is, put food in a certain proportion of the ideal mixture of gases, prolong the deterioration of life biochemistry.

At present, the major supermarkets in Europe and the United States market fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetables, cutting vegetables, internal food products in the cold chain circulation conditions, has been all over the shelves, in the western countries, high economic, fast-paced, strict requirements of the conditions, the gas packaging is increasingly important. From the domestic development situation in recent years, with people's continuous attention to food industry security, its development also presents a good form, has become the current food packaging in the newer technology, according to the different forms, we can divide it into two parts, respectively: 

1, Deoxidation Packaging: deoxidation Packaging is the use of continuous nitrogen after pumping vacuum, excluding packaging containers after the oxygen sealed packaging, generally this method will still have 2%-3% of the oxygen residue, so often also need to add in the bag deoxidation Agent small packaging or deoxidation agent thin. Frequently used deoxidation agents are: reductive State iron powder, ferrous salts, platinum membrane, glucose oxidase, ascorbic acid, oleic acid, etc., but because the basic oxygen-free packaging containers are not suitable for fresh fruit and vegetable packaging.

2, Inflatable packaging: Inflatable packaging is in the packaging container filled with one or several gas sealed packaging, commonly used gas filled with oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, for the packaging of the object to choose the right gas and gas composition is very important. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of China's economy and the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level, consumers pay more and more attention to food safety and freshness, fresh food will become a new economic growth point of food production enterprises. 

At the same time, food packaging machine is a modern food processing industry quality control system and an important component. It is a more trustworthy and cost-efficient advanced technology in the traditional way of deep freezing or using preservatives. Therefore, whether it is vegetables or fruits, meat or fish, food packaging machine for fresh food processing and packaging has become an inevitable trend. In this context, food packaging machine is also ushered in a huge development opportunities.