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Contrast Of Vertical Packing Machine And Pillow Type Packing Machine
Jul 26, 2018

Automatic vertical packaging machine in China in recent years has been a rapid development, but because packaging machinery in China started relatively late, compared to the developed countries in China's packaging machinery industry level can not be comparable with it. China's large population, demand for production demand is larger, which undoubtedly promoted the rapid development of automatic vertical packaging machine. Too many enterprises optimistic about the packaging machinery industry market, leading to the Chinese packaging industry market confusion, then choose what kind of packaging machinery for customers to create a problem.

Here is a brief discussion of the automatic vertical packaging machine and the traditional packaging machine difference. Traditional vertical packaging machine with a keyboard, only through the key or keyboard operation to set the length of the bag, also through the knob to adjust the speed, cut the position still need to adjust themselves, according to the actual cut-off bit and color standard error, adjust the back of the paper roll off to cut off and cut off, and then determine whether the cut off the correct, so repeated several times, Side can adjust in place, very troublesome.

And the automatic vertical packing machine only needs to enter the speed value on the touch screen, not only convenient and fast, but also very high accuracy, and do not need to manually set bag length, can automatically detect bag length, can quickly and accurately cut the actual position and color of the error value, just enter the value on the touch screen, you can immediately adjust in place. Automatic vertical Packaging Machine packaging capacity is very strong, so it is destined to the rapid development in China, which also led to the entire packaging machinery industry level of rapid improvement, and gradually narrowed the gap with the world advanced level. With China's increasingly open, I believe that China's packaging machinery will also board the world's development stage.