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Type of packaging machinery
Jul 26, 2018

        Many types of packaging machinery, we have a number of important packaging models to introduce.

  1. Pillow Type packing Machine Pillow-type Packaging machine is roughly divided into horizontal pillow type and vertical longitudinal type. It is mainly used for packing of solids and multiple items. Pillow-type Packaging machine is food, medicine and other operations in the use of a wide range of packaging machinery, the usual days of many supplies are mostly also from the pillow-type packaging machine package.

  With the rapid development of China's economy and the progress of People's Day level, the function of packaging machine and production power is now facing more selection, intelligence is one of them.

  2. Unloading machine Unloading machine is a variety of metal cans, glass bottles, heavy plastic bottles of layered unloading machine. In the packaging operations, with the continuous addition of labor costs, the continuous addition of business volume, the use of unloading machine more and more widely. Automatic unloading machine and palletizing machine can be an excellent substitute for artificial, effectively save labor costs. Together, automated machinery can also allow a lot of packaging action to end high power, reduce human participation, forward production power and production safety.

  With the continuous development and maturity of technology, unloading stacker is also becoming more and more afford, therefore, a wider use.

  3. Plastic cup molding filling and sealing cutting machine Plastic cup molding filling and sealing equipment refers to the same equipment or several adjacent equipment formed by the assembly line to end the molding of the cup, material filling and sealing operations, one-time output good products can be listed. Equipment mainly includes feeding, preheating, molding, filling, sealing, slitting and waste collection, and other work station.

  Because this product packaging has low cost, low degree of pollution in the filling, and the advantage of the product's cargo table, the plastic cup molding filling and sealing equipment has been widely used by domestic dairy manufacturers in yoghurt, pasteurized milk, ice cream and sauce packaging.

  4. Bubble Cover Machine

  To the bright plastic film or thin sheet to form a bubble cover, with heat sealing, bonding and other methods to seal the product between the bubble cover and the bottom of the machine.

  5. Carton Forming Machine Carton forming machine is used for carton packing, automatic unpacking, spray sealing case, high degree of automation. Applicable to beer, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other operations of automatic unpacking procedures.

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