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Pillow-type Packaging machine, vertical packaging machine and horizontal packaging machine What is the difference?
Jul 26, 2018

Vertical Packaging machine: coil is usually at the upper end of the machine, through the vertical bag-making device will be made into molded packaging bags, and then fill the packaging, sealing and other processes of horizontal packaging machine is roughly divided into two kinds: the bag-type and homemade bag.

 -----Bag Type is the existing prefabricated packaging bags placed in the bag area, through the horizontal bag form in order to complete the opening, blowing, metering, sealing, printing and other processes.


  -----The difference between the bag type and the bag type is that the self-made bag needs to automatically complete the process of forming or forming the film, and this process is basically done through the horizontal form. Pillow-Type Packaging machine: the packaging of goods from the conveyor level to the volume or film inlet (at this time the coil or film through the bag-making device has been a cylindrical shape, the packaged items will enter into the cylindrical packaging material, and then run synchronously, followed by hot sealing, suction (vacuum packaging) or aspirated (inflatable packaging), Cut off and other processes. For example: small bread, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles and other foods are packaged through the pillow-type packaging machine, and horizontal packaging and vertical packaging, pillow-type packaging for the block, bar, ball and other relatively type of individual items or integrated items. For example, cool crooked, dry batteries, even food (instant noodles), such as pillow-type collection packaging.

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