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Packaging machinery Operation Automation Market trend
Jul 26, 2018

        Packaging machinery used in automation products are mainly control system, Transmission control, motion control, Man-machine interface and sensors of these categories, including: Control system: Embedded products, PLC, IPC, Fieldbus;

  Drive control: Inverter, DC speed control: Servo, Stepper, motion controller, Man-machine Interface: Text display, touch screen, tablet computer electrical components and sensors: photoelectric switch, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, travel switch, etc. and other mechanical products.

  1, the end of packaging machinery automation technology Packaging machinery is also the application of automation products a big job. In the application of the controller, mainly to small plc, some high-end, technical clutter of equipment are also selected Medium-sized plc. And in the human-machine interface to the main touch screen. Because in the packaging operations have a lot of small simple machinery, each machine will be equipped with a distribution box, so low-voltage electrical products shopping malls large capacity.

  Large packaging machinery will use a small power inverter, in addition, there are a lot of packaging machinery such as palletizing machine, such as the need for precise positioning function, so will use a lot of servo products. On the data, we cross the two dimensions, and then describe the plans and subdivisions of the automated shopping malls in more detail.

  Data only includes PLC, HMI, low-voltage inverter and servo, not including low-voltage electrical and low-voltage motor.

  2, Frequency Converter Mall Low-voltage inverter in the packaging machine has a very wide range of applications. The transmission market plan is limitless, low voltage frequency converter occupies 4.2% of the whole shopping mall. Low-voltage inverter manufacturers are very many, from abroad to domestic, in the field of packaging machinery are used. But still with foreign brand owners. Mitsubishi is in the first place in the application of packaging machinery. Other companies such as Yaskawa and Fuji.

  The application of low voltage inverter in the packaging machinery field is becoming more and more widespread, but at that time is still mainly energy-saving, packaging machinery work Energy saving is also the future of packaging machinery work to expand the theme.

  3. PLC Shopping Center Packaging machinery operation of the main controller is still mainly PLC control, packaging Machinery Operating PLC Market in all the PLC market accounted for 7%. Packaging machinery operating in the PLC market, from the number of small plc to occupy the majority, medium-sized second, micro and large plc are very few. Because the first is the use of small and medium-sized plc, Packaging Machinery Industry competition pattern and small and Medium-sized PLC market pattern has a lot of similarity. Shares in Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, Delta four. Stable pattern: Delta as a new manufacturer in recent years has been sensitive to become a small plc important suppliers. 2013 packaging industry types do not continue to add, a better end of China's social consumer goods supporting and export products packaging needs. All packaging operations Recovery is obvious, the export recovery, with the operation of the addition, the demand for plc is also constantly added.

  PLC Shopping malls to add a smooth, the foundation in line with packaging machinery operations to add the trend of investment.

  4. Servo Market Servo has a very wide range of applications in industry. Packaging machinery as an important industrial operation, shopping malls have unlimited planning, servo accounted for the overall market 11%.

  In the packaging machine operation, servo manufacturers Panasonic, Taiwan Tatsu, Yaskawa accounted for the market share of the top three, respectively, 16.80%,9.70%,8.50%. From the investigation report of our country's packing machinery Operation Mall, we know that China's packaging machinery work started relatively late, the foundation is relatively weak, technical and scientific research strength is lack. In the electromechanical integration has now become the mainstream trend of work, packaging machinery operations in the next few years will still be in the high-speed add, as the demand for the servo system will also be added at a high speed.

  Packaging machinery companies in the Yangtze River delta (extended to Wenzhou), the Pearl Delta region (including the eastern region) and other provinces, which will also be the future servo At that time the bottom of the market first demand manufacturers close to the market to understand the user's product structure and application of the field, the introduction of a relatively simple and useful, low-cost products. Follow the needs of users and continue to expand. Servo-driven manufacturers are facing the changing needs of users and OEM manufacturers.

  Want to win the future shopping malls in the future, the competition for the market place, manufacturers need to master the preparation of intermediate software, no longer rely entirely on imports, increase high-end technical human resources investment, and gradually improve the maturity of products, improve the implementation and customer service system, constitute the brand influence. After the financial crisis, especially in the foreign market for packaging machinery automation level of demand forward to export-oriented packaging machinery manufacturers will be a new breakthrough in servo products. The financial crisis is, to some extent, a good news for China's packaging machinery operations. Because in the macroeconomic depression situation, foreign packaging industry companies in order to save capital, the chaos of the use of relatively cheap equipment to replace the rich countries in the precious equipment. Then the gradual recovery of the global economy, China's packaging machinery automation level is not high disadvantage will be revealed no doubt. Therefore, the advance of product automation has become China's packaging machinery operation of the urgent task. Domestic manufacturers can pay more attention to export more packaging machinery companies, to seek new market breakthrough.

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