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Food industry promotes development of food packaging machine
Jul 26, 2018

     In the past 20 years, the food processing industry with a large number of transformation of agricultural products as the basic characteristics of the development speed of astonishing, become China's national economy, one of the fastest growing industry, from the early 80 to now, the national food industry growth rate reached 13%~14%. Agricultural products processing industry has provided a broad space for the development of packaging industries. Any processed food can not be separated from packaging, including the sale of packaging and transport packaging.

  The first and foremost benefit is packaging machinery. China's food packaging machinery industry started in the early 1980s, the development so far, the national food and packaging machinery production enterprises have nearly 7,000, but about 3,000 of them are not stable, every year nearly 25% of the enterprise conversion or closure, while there are about the same number of new enterprises into the industry. On the one hand, the competition of this industry is fierce, on the other hand, it shows the attraction and vitality of the industry, and everyone's optimistic about its future. In this industry, the annual sales of more than billion, only more than 10, the annual sales of more than 30 million yuan enterprises about 50, the industry 75% of the export products by the 50 enterprises produced.

  This shows that large enterprises have a high level of science and technology and production capacity, in the market competition to occupy an absolute advantage. Now, packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in China's machinery industry. China's food packaging machinery and equipment not only on the scale, but also is accelerating to the light electromechanical integration, automatic propulsion. In the filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, such as production equipment has made considerable progress. However, China's packaging machinery exports are still less than 5% of the total output value, but the total output value is roughly equivalent.

  This shows that China's packaging machinery demand gap is very large, domestic packaging machinery and foreign products, the gap between science and technology is still large, far from meeting domestic demand. In addition, China's packaging machinery varieties of about 1300 species, lack of High-tech, high-precision, high-quality ancillary products, product performance is low, stability and reliability is poor, short life, rough surface treatment, modelling is not beautiful, the technical level of our packaging machinery from the overall perspective than advanced countries 20 years behind,; Domestic packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises, high technical level, large-scale production, product grade to reach the international level of enterprises are not many, from the development of scientific research products, but also basic stay in the test imitation stage, the development of their own capacity is not strong, scientific research input, funds accounted for only 1% of sales, while the developed countries up to 8~10%.

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