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Development of granular packaging machine The scenery is this way
Jul 26, 2018

    Throughout the development of domestic granular packaging machine, after several generations of efforts, from the beginning of mechanical control to SCM to today's PLC industrial control, is a step-by-step development, and determine the direction of the development of granular packaging machine is the market demand, like natural environment changes will automatically pick out the appropriate for the continued development.

    But in the market economy, the demand of the market is the natural environment variable. To meet the needs of the market, but also each granule packaging machine manufacturers will do, but also in the increasingly fierce competition in the premise of winning, for granular packaging machine, is already not that as long as the packaging on the whole of the era of everything. Today's businesses not only require measurement accuracy, the appearance of beauty, machine stability and speed are a lot of customers to buy the premise.

    The development direction of granule packing machine must be like high, fine and sharp development. The traditional SCM, measuring cup measurement is not very suitable for today's increasingly high standards of precision. Today's advanced granular packaging machine is the use of PLC industrial control, weighing module, vacuum, filling nitrogen and many other modules are can be written with the computer controller seamless connection. With good scalability, and our company is also aware of this point, from the machine design, research and development, manufacturing from the market demand, will occupy a lot of markets. Because this is fundamental, because we firmly believe that market demand determines the development direction of granular packaging machine.

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